As i was awaiting for the tourney to begin i noticed there was only 3 players active on my table and having my luck that it would we have a donk on the table who insists on going all in every hand. basically to steal the blinds from the players who arent playin. This is extremely frustrating. I was just wondering if somthing can be done about the players who sit out. They all know they can get points by setting out most of the time.I'm really frustrated at the moment(it will pass)needless 2 say i was knocked out of the tourney by a all in call(from him) an lose my p10 to a j6o. I mean come on who calls 1390 of 1640 chips to a j6. sure i shouldnt hav dumped an would not hav been upset if he lost. I just feel like it would not have had the same results if players had not been settin out. Thanx for listening to my semi rant and even though it was donk a pup day(yesterday to) I still love wat this site represents. PLAYERS WHO WANT TO IMPROVE THEY'RE GAME. gl guys c-ya at the tables