Not too long ago I was reading some posts about micro expressions and the way people use them in poker.  People were posting back and forth about all the great reads they were going to get after watching the T.V. Show Lie to Me.  I had to stop and shake my head because I don't believe that many people really understand the science behind micro expressions, statement analysis, body language, the whoe gamut involved in the detection of deception.

First off, very few people can truly even see micro expressions without training, they are often done so quickly that it would be difficult to do so without experience and training.  Think about it this way, a micro expression can be as quick as 1/25 of a second.  And when you break down micro expressions further, there are only seven universal expressions, but 44 (I think) points to consider in which to see those expressions.

Because of my career, I've been fortunate to learn statement analysis from Mark McClish; Body Language principals from Stan Walters, and have trained using Paul Ekman's F.A.C.E training.  The one thing that you learn before even starting any of this training is that you "MUST" establish a baseline from which to move forward in detecting deception.  Without a baseline what you are seeing is pretty much worthless.

Oh, if you are going to use their eyes to help you in your tells, you must then understand and know if they are left handed, right handed, or a sociopath.  And if they are a sociopath, forget about it.

I guess the point I'm trying to make in this blog is that every poker player knows about tells, and most people think they know what those tells mean.  The average player will take a tell and use it as gospel truth, but the pro player will establish a baseline through observation first.

One final point.  It's more than fine to read the Mike Caro and Joe Navarro books, because they have good information on what tells are supposed to mean.  Then it's up to you to establish that baseline and   clean house.  

Punky Out!!!