On the day poker died in the U.S., many people were stunned for quite some time and didn't know what to do, or where to go.  I disappeared from the poker scene for a while, but others moved onto other sites that would still take americans.  Then there were the players who started to go play on subscription sites, and yet others moved onto sites where it was all play money.  We all needed our fix in one way or another.

Since I returned to playing poker online, I first tried to go on the "we accept american" sites, but I wasn't comfortable with deposit options as they seemed shady to me.  So I started playing the freerolls.  I also looked at subscription sites and play money sites, and there was one trend I began to notice.

It seems that everyone who isn't playing for their own money, plays poker just like it's Bingo... It's the Any Two Cards will do crew.  Doesn't even matter if it's suited or not.  I've encountered players who will call to the river with K5o, and nail a runner runner to beat you.  And the bet sizing doesn't matter anymore either.  You tell a story where you have a big hand, and even when you do have a big hand, you willl be called and sucked out on.  And never mind if you have AA and shove from early position.... you'll get 4, to 5 or more callers all hoping that you are bluffing?  Of course there are the players who shove every hand too.

So you play your hand by position, with small ball poker a thing of the past, and you wait for your own big hand to shove, only to have tons of callers and the J4s wins, or even sometimes the 72o.  Truly amazing and frustrating.  I have a strong feeling that we'll see more and more of the Bingo players in the future, and when poker becomes playable again for us americans, we are going to have to learn to deal with it.

Since I'm primarily a Sit and Go player, I have my plan.... don't play with the bingo players right now, study hard on the mental game (trust me, I'm going to need it), hit the books and training hard, and be ready for when I can play again without some government bufoon telling me that Americans aren't free to do what I want.  : &nbsp:wink:

Punky out