In the United States at least, I had been studying and improving my Sit and Go game, and had finally started getting into the winners bracket more often than not.  I had started watching my graph go from in the red to above my baseline and it was moving up ever so slowly.

Then it happened, and I couldn't believe it at first, but it was true.... Online poker was dead... true online poker was no longer something we in the U.S. could enjoy.  Sure, since the day the DOJ shut us down, there were other sites that stepped in, but if you want to play, you have to walk in the shadows and take chances you shouldn't ever have to take.

I myself stopped playing for a while, and stopped studying, and stopped learning, but there was something missing.  I couldn't even play Brick and Mortar because Texas won't allow it, without you going to the one Indian Casino in the entire state.... not so easy to get there, so go figure.

But now, I think it's time to return.... at least to start learning again and improving my game slowly, but surely.  I hear rumours and whispers in the wind of things that might come to be.   Of hopes that there may be a future for poker on-line.  Of hopes that we in the U.S. can freely, hmmm land of the free?  of hopes that we can one day play freely again, no more hiding in the shadows.

What's the point in this diatribe of mine?  Right now, I don't really have a place that I can comfortably play and learn. Oh yeah, it would be nice is Poker Stars started a no money skill league for players, but that's another story.  So, I use my Wilson Software to practice, and I use my books, videos, and yes PSO to train.

Where were you when Poker died?  What are you doing now?  And where are you going?

Punky out.