Well, it's been two weeks since I started specializing in Single Table Sit and Go's. I started my training and have stuck with my bankroll plan 100 percent. I didn't know exactly what to expect, or how much I would lose before I started to win. As of today, and after playing over 50 $5.50 STT's, well I expected to either be up a little, or down a lot since I'm getting used to new ideas and concepts. My bankroll is now exactly where it was two weeks ago and while many will say that what I'm doing isn't working, I have to honestly say that I think it is. I just need to execute what I'm learning in the proper context. I also took a very good look at my profit graph and before there were tons of up and down spikes (more down than up obviously), but for the past two weeks, I'm of course seeing a steady line across the page. What this means to me, is that if I continued from here and stopped training, I'd be a break even player. But, obviously that's not the goal. I'm going to continue with my plan, modify it as necessary, and continue to blog my progress. Laters. Punky159