Okay, so I've started my training plan and this is an initial update on how things are going. This week I finished reading two books, and now it's time to go back over key points in both of them. I also poured over several different books to study hand rankings and am currently using a modified Sklansky system that is based on Early, Middle, and Late stage STT's. It's been an interesting journey so far and one that I plan to continue on with. I also decided to stick strictly with STT's for bankroll considerations, but will play in freerolls for tournaments. Now, part of the training plan is to play and document, so I'm using a journal to keep track of how I'm playing and a spreadsheet to track my bankroll. Since I have a bankroll at two different sites, my BR considerations are based on two different BR's and not one. Currently I'm playing 5.50 STT's and have decided that the best way to handle my BR is to maintain between 30 and 50 buy in's. If I drop down to 30 buy in's, I'll move down in limits and if I get up to 50, then I will take a shot at the next higher limit. I'm completely done with trying to move up and get back losses and it's such a relief to be able to follow through. Now for some results. Over the past few days, I've played in 10 STT's with 6 ITM's, 2 bubbles, and 2 total donkey moves taht got me eliminated early. On both of the bubble plays where I got knocked out, I made foolish moves that got me eliminated because I didn't take the other players into consideration and I let my ego get in the way. Had I played a little tighter, and used proper ICM, I believe I would have cashed. Now of the 6 times that I did make the money, I used ICM, considered playstyles and only made one major mistake, that I got away with. In the remaining 4 where I felt I played well.... I was able to have 2 come from behinds wins even after making some mistakes where it cost me, but I was still able to get away from the hands. Long story short? Not me, I'm too long winded... but I do know this is only the first week and I have a lot of reading, studying, video watching, etcetera to do. I can hear the conductor saying in the distance.... All aboard, train leaving Donkeyville for WinningPlayerVille and I'm working hard on getting my ticket on that train. Till next update. Ric, AkA Punky159