I've pretty much decided to revise my training based on some of Dusty Schmidt's advice in his book "Treat Your Poker Like a Business." While I still plan to stick with STT's for now, my initial study plan goals have changed to 2 hours a night after work. So instead of my original 12 plus hours of study time, I'll be doing 10 hours of study a week broken down between reading, studying videos (mostly STT), forums, STT articles, software, post play analysis, etcetera. The main goal in my training is to get to the point where I only need one hour of study for every four hours I play. Pretty much, I'm ready to begin my training plan, so instead of starting in May, I actually started today. I've got all my training materials set up in a separate book case. I have "The Journal 5" to document what I'm doing as a personal diary, and thanks to Donal, I have a spreadsheet to document my ROI. I'll try to do periodic blogs to show where I'm at in my training, both good and bad. So far, so good. Punky159