Confession # 20 - I'm a Donkey, but I'm ready to move on No training or action plan can ever be complete without having a series of progress checks set up to evaluate how the plan is progressing. These checks need to be designed to see if goals, expectations, time frames and the overall plan are being met. If the progress checks show the plan is failing, then it's up to the planner to either re-evaluate the plan and fine tune it. Step 10 - Progress Checks 1) Create checklist for each step in action plan - Identify Task - Start Date - End Date - Goal - Make comments 2) Use created quizzes to test poker knowledge 3) Use on-lane testing sites to test poker IQ (after setting a baseline) 4) Practice either live or on-line - document results - mistakes - correct plays 5) Set date for actual progress checks 6) re-evaluate action plan monthly Well, this is the last step in my plan and once all the checklists, class schedule, and baselines are complete, I will put the plan into full effect. I'm estimating a true start date of May 3rd, but will adjust it if needed. Any future blog's will be about some of the things I've learned, a brief progress report, thoughts and ideas, or what I'm doing to keep on track. If you've found my weird blog useful, feel free to comment. If you have some ideas on how I can improve my plan, feel free to comment. PSO is a great place to learn from and help each other and I'm glad it's soon going to be back on track. Ric, AkA Punky159