bbConfession # 19 - Mind, Body, and Soul? I thought it had nothing to do with winning at poker To me, the term "Mind, Body, and Soul" (MBS) has more to do about balance your physical and mental self than anything. We know that a winning poker player has knowledge, skill, a good mental state, and a balanced strategy, so why should we worry about the other stuff. I used to think that MBS wasn't important for poker, but once I started looking at the whole picture and also did some reading on professional players and what they are doing, well to be honest I was wrong. What I'm finding real interesting is that a good majority of successful professional players are very much into MBS and several of them use a combination of Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Dieticians, Mental Guru's, Spiritual Guides and Poker coaches to keep themselves at the top of the game. That's great for them, but what does that mean for someone like me that doesn't have their resources... Hmmm Step 9 - Mind, Body, and Soul A) Exercising the mind is easier said than done, I plan to use some of the following to help - Meditation - Family Time - Mindless Fun - Nintendo Here I come - Reading - Maybe NLP (still looking into it) - Motorcycle Riding - etcetera B) Body - Proper and healthy eating habits - Yoga - Krav Maga (an Israeli Martial Art that I practice) - Biking - Physical training C) Soul - this is a personal issue for everyone and I will continue on my path Anyway, there is more to MBS than I first realized and as a part of my plan, I know that I need to work on me. The benefits are getting into a proper frame of mind, maintaining better focus, being prepared, and if you plan on playing in the WSOP some day, the physical fitness will actually be a benefit due to the long, long hours. This is one area where I'd really love to hear some comments from you guys. Until next time... Ric, AkA Punky159