Confession # 18 - I never go over how I played when I'm done Most players, and not just donkeys will never take the time to analyze how they played when finished with their game or games. If you play on-line and have software like HEM or PT, then analyzing your game is easy. You can bring up and play hand histories, go over how you and your opponents bet, and if you use HEM like I do, you can retrieve notes you've made. Step 8 - Post play analysis 1) For my on-line play, I plan to go over my poker journal when I'm finished playing so that I can take a look at how I feel I played each Sit and Go. Was I too tight, too loose, not aggressive enough, too aggressive, did I overvalue hands and so on. Did I go on tilt, did I take breaks... etc... etc... 2) I also plan to use my HEM and go back over key hands in a tournament. By replaying them, I can look for betting patterns, mistakes, practice reading the board, and also evaluate my strengths. 3) I also plan on using Sit N Go Wizard to evaluate how well I used ICM 4) Finally, I plan to make entries in my diary 5) For my Brick and Mortar play; to be honest, I don't get a chance to go to a casino like other do, but I plan to take notes if it is allowed and if not, I will try to jot down notes when I take a break from the table. Then when I head home, I'll use whatever notes I can to try and recreate key hands. I'm sure there are tons of ways to do an analysis of your game. With my on-line play, and using HEM, I plan to use leakbuster as much as possible (although it's primarily for cash games, it is still a very viable tool), and for both on-line and casino games, I think Poker Stove will be an invaluable tool for recreating hand match ups and analyzing them. I'm almost done posting my plan now and with 2 more blogs to go, I'm almost ready to implement it. Feel free to make comments, suggestions, criticism, and whatever you think might help anyone that reads these. Till next time, Ric, AkA Punky159