Confession # 16 - I ain't got a clue how to play these properly I've already read Sit and Go Strategy and Secrets of Sit'n'gos, but to be honest can I really have a true understanding of how to play these by reading each book in one pass? Not a chance in HE double Hockey Sticks!!! The main core of my re-education will probably be completed over several months and in my class schedule, the Sit and Go information and training from this step is a must add and will be a part of my education. Step 6 - Sit and Go Specific Education and Training; I'm very familiar with the first two authors and their books and just need to really focus on the concepts and ideas they talk about in a balanced Sit and Go Strategy. I've also had the Rick Braddy materials for a long time, but like everything else that a donkey does, I put the information in the donkey stable after briefly going over it. The Thomas Kennedy Sit and Go Strategy is available for free on-line and I found it very interesting since he talks about how to use hold'em Indicator and M as a big part of the Strategy. He's also the author who wrote about FIT which I definitely intend to incorporate into my training. - Collin Moshman - Sit and Go Strategy - Phil Shaw - Secrets of Sit'n'gos - Rick Braddy - Secrets of Sit and Go's - Thomas Kennedy - Sit and Go Strategy Moving on from there, I am going to be working on properly using Sit and Go Wizard to better understand and use ICM for my push/fold decisions. I can also use it to analyze my play with specific hands from already played Sit and Go's and of course there is a ton of on-line information and forums on Sit and Go Strategy that all are a part of my plan to becoming a Sit and Go... uhmmm Champion? - Sit and Go Wizard - ICM training software - Online Strategy Articles - ICM ICM or the Independent Chip Model seems to be at the core of Sit and Go Strategy, it's not an absolute science and has flaws, but knowing what the flaws are and properly using ICM for decisions is what will help turn a losing player into a winning player. So, I have just a few more blogs to go before I go hardcore into training, what do you think so far. Ric, AkA Punky159