Confession # 14 - But if I keep records, everyone will know what a Donkey I am Yep, I've kept a journal before using both Al Spath's Poker Journal and PPA software that's actually pretty good, but rounds numbers up and down which means less accuracy in your record keeping. The problem is, that I loved seeing my wins, but there were way too many losses and instead of facing reality, I'd keep starting new ones. Well the end of that era is now. Step 4 - Record Keeping - Poker Diary; this is actually a very important part of tracking my progress. I've already gotten some notebooks put aside and I plan to document my training process, thoughts, successes, and failures along with how well I played or didn't play when I take time out from everything else to put in some table time. - Poker Journal; I plan on using Al's Poker Journal as a guide to documenting my time on the tables. The plan is to create a spread sheet that I can easily update on my computer to keep an accurate track of my time on the tables, buy ins, starting and ending bankroll, and of course ROI. Any notes from my play will actually go into my poker diary. Caveat - If anyone knows of a software program that I can use as both diary and journal, please post something in the forums for me to see because if I can have everything in one neat little package, that makes things easier. - Player Profiling; This is easily done with on-line play, I just need to make sure I actually concentrate on putting in the information once I've identified the player type. Using HEM, I can put in notes and little symbols to identify the type of player I'm up against. then it's up to me to make notes on how hands were played and what hands were shown down, etcetera. This is also something that's quite useful in brick and mortars, I just need to come up with a way of doing it in live play. Anyone with a suggestion? I'm more than willing to listen. I'll have to say that keeping records really isn't that hard at all when you are winning, but is extremely painful when you are not. But, if we are to improve our games, record keeping needs to be at the core of our plan so we don't fool ourselves. Till next time, Ric, AkA Punky159