Confession # 13 - I’d rather be playing than training I’ve already talked about the materials I’m going to use to improve, but in addition to having the resources, I also need to have an outline or method of implementing the training, which is what I’m going to talk about here. Step 3 - Poker Training Plan; Since I have a real life with real obligations, I’m approaching my poker training like I would going to night school. Three nights a week are going to be totally dedicated to that training and about two hours on one of my non work days. - Reading and Videos; I have a lot of material to go over, so I’m going to approach it as if I’m going to three classes a night with one hour set aside for each class. That’s nine hours a week dedicated to learning materials. And the plan is to balance everything out. - Quizzes; Yep I’m going to create personal quizzes using a teaching template program that can do multiple choice, flash cards and some fun quizzes too. First step is to learn how to properly create a quiz and then I’ll use some of the many scenarios from the books to fill the quizzes out and I’ll also create flash cards to help learn the math. - Using training Software; I have a few poker training programs that are uniquely suited to my training goals. Starting with my Limit and NLHE programs from Wilson Software, and also using a program called Poker Academy Pro, I plan to practice what I’m learning against AI computer opponents first, and then, I will expand my practice to actual low limit SnG games on-line. In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, I plan to do a lot of observing from the rail while trying to learn how to put people on hands. Al Spath is probably one of the best at this and he is a true inspiration. This is one of my shorter blogs, and while I’m not going to post my actual “class schedule”, it’s currently in the works along with other things I need to get done. Till next time. Ric, AkA Punky159