Confession #8 - Holey Moley, I got a lot of Holey in my game The second key point I wanted to discuss was leaks or weaknesses in your game. Using previous comments from other players, what I have been able to admit about my play, and a program called Leak Buster, I've compiled a list of the things I need to work on. There are other ways to find the holes in your game, but this is what i did. Starting with weaknesses; A) Poker Knowledge - I have a lot more knowledge than I used to, but it's not yet where it needs to be - I need to work on poker math - I need to work on Sit and Go Strategy - I need to work on my understanding of Game Theory, EV, Metagame, Inflection points, ICM, Variance, etc. - work on tells, reverse tells, betting patterns - using available resources and setting aside study time B) Bankroll Management - I think many of us would do well to pay attention to this. C) Record Keeping - this is a weak area for a lot of players - Poker Diary and a Playing Journal are a must - Player and personal notes - Win/Loss and ROI - expenses D) Software use - I have almost all of the Wilson Products, but haven't really used them (they are written for MS XP, so that was my excuse). I also need to better understand how to use HEM and Sit and Go Wizard. F) Psychology - Do I need a shrink? - I don't always realize when I'm beat - - I don't always consider my opponents - - I'm a bit impulsive and impatient at times - - One too many calls on the river (and I knew I was probably beat) - Not seizing the initiative - Tilt - Player recognition and adjustments - Playing tired, mad, on tilt G) Game Selection - Too often, we jump right into a cash game or sit and go without thinking. - take time to observe table in a casino - practice good seat selection (if possible) - take notes on players to help with future game selection H) Skill - - Bet sizing - Hand reading - Putting players on a hand - maximizing value I) Need to practice better health and eating habits to help with focus and time playing Okay, above is a long list of weaknesses to work on, now onto the leaks that I've identified using Leak Buster. 1) VPIP too high - playing too many hands 2) Limping too much 3) Calling too many 3 bets 4) Not properly 4 betting 5) Too many squeeze plays 6) Going to showdown too often 7) Bluffing too much 8) Not aggressive or taking initiative enough 9) Folding to c-bets too often; not floating in good opportunities 10) Calling too many raises on the flop 11) Too many steal attempts 12) EP (early position) open raising too many hands 13) MP/LP not open raising enough... too much limping 14) Too many open raises from button 15) Not enough open raises from SB 16) Positional awareness, pre and post flop 17) Blind play against steals It actually took quite some soul searching for me to admit my weaknesses and leaks. But, I think another aspect of being a good, winning player is committing to excellence, identifying weaknesses and leaks, and then plugging them up. Now it's time to work on my action plan... see you next time. Ric, AkA Punky159