Confession #2 – I’m a losing poker player There, I’ve said it, gotten it off my chest, and that’s the very first step in leaving Donkeyville. I’ve known this for some time and over the years, I’ve lost a lot more money than I’ve won. I just haven’t admitted it to myself, and heaven forbid that I’d admit it to anyone else. But I realize that if you only make excuses for your losses and don’t do anything about correcting the mistakes that led to those loses, well suffice it to say that you will live in the land of donkeys forever. There will be no escape. Losing players generally will not admit it, and when they are caught losing, the donkey will often make excuses for the loss. I’m drunk, I’m tired, I’m high, I’m wired, I’m having a bad day, I normally wouldn’t play that hand, I wanted to gamble, I had the odds to call, etcetera. The truth in my case is that I have a lot of poker knowledge, but I haven’t really applied it properly and while I have read lots of books and watched poker DVD’s, I haven’t really properly studied the game that I love so much. It’s not enough to have books, DVD’s, or computer programs… you have to use them wisely and become a true student of the game. Yes, there are some exceptional people out there who are naturals when it comes to poker, but they are the exception rather than the rule. If we want to leave Donkeyville, we all need to change our attitudes and come up with a real plan to get us on the proper road to being successful, winning poker player. In my next blog, I’m going to talk about different types of donkeys, or the types of players people consider to be donkeys. Till next time, Ric AkA Punky159