I recently responded to a post by dokbom where he was looking for someone to shadow him. I gave some tips on what to do before he looks for a shadower/mentor and then I got to thinking. I've seen several people offer to shadow and mentor others, and in some cases a lot of learning took place and in others, it was an extreme disaster because the mentor knew less about poker than the one asking to be mentored, or the mentor was a mathematical player, while the one wanting the mentoring played a different style. So, how would you select someone to mentor or shadow you? What you be looking for? How would you approach them and ask for help? At this point, I don't think there is a Mentoring program at Free School, even though I do know that (based on the CoS) there are plans for "New Member Angels" to help members sometime in the future. Heck, how would a player even know where to find a mentor/shadower who could really put things into perspective in an "easy speak" manner that's easily understood? Well the first answer is to get in on Al's Training Tables and take notes. But what if you can't get there, who can you go to? Indeed what capable person would be willing to help? I'm not sure exactly, but my recommendations would be to first.... 1) Choose the Poker Discipline you most enjoy, or wish to really learn 2) Choose the game you would like to play... ring, sit and go, or tournament 3) Decide on the playstyle that you think suits you most 4) Read a few books and/or watch some videos on your chosen discipline and "apply what you've learned" 5) Make a post requesting shared mentoring (back and forth so you can learn from each other) that includes items 1 through 3 in it and mention what you've learned so far, and the problems you are having. Anyone else want to weigh in on this? I'm also going to make a forum post. Ric