Over the past few days, i took a foray into the Poker School Cash games. I expected to lose badly in Omaha and made some severely bad plays (with coordinated cards like you are supposed to), so I accepted it. What I didn't expect was the winners being truly horrible and starting the name calling, and if it was only one person easy to ignore. But over the times that I was playing, I had to put 3 other people on ignore which really surprised me. I know in a live setting, you'll get a few bullies who will do whatever they can to keep you on tilt, but I didn't expect so many different people in just a few days. Then I started playing in the NLHE ring league and was trying a few different types of plays, and guess what, another bully (who won the hand) became extremely rude, name called and it was like deja vu. Overall, I do expect a few people to power up the e-peen so they feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, I think it rubbed off on me because I lost a few major hands to horrible preflop and postflop calls, only to lose out on the river when I had the best hand going in and up to the river. I expect bad beats, and most of the time I say "NH" or just don't say anything at all. But what I found myself doing instead was insulting the bad play of my opponent and that's just wrong. So for any that I insulted, I have to say "sorry," because that just isn't who I am. I just don't get why I reacted in that manner because I've worked real hard to not be that type of player. Is it that people were rubbing off on me? A combination of what I felt were bad beats (and a few bad plays mixed in on my part)? Or, is my dark side emerging in the poker community. On the latter, I hope not. Either way, I will continue my journey to be a better player, and at the same time, I will try to temper the dark side. Ric