I'm starting the General CoS Intermediate section this week and I need some help. At the start of Rolf's lessons, he has a Poker Self Analysis section that I need to rate myself in before I continue the lessons. I also need input from a friend who know's my poker game, and since there are some of you that know my play style, I'd like your help in rating me. If I get more than one input, I will average out the ratings. I was extremely critical of myself and didn't like what I saw. I want everyone who helps to also be critical. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being truly horrible, and 10 being superb, please give a fellow poker player a hand. Ric Area Extremely Important Friend Rating 1 Discipline 2 Patience 3 Hand Reading 4 Starting Hand Selection 5 Table -/Game Selection 6 Avoiding Tilt Very Important 7 Ability to Adjust 8 Aggression 9 Ability to Fold 10 Heart 11 Knowing Odds 12 Seat Selection 13 Focus Important 14 Ability to Create a Good Gambling Atmosphere 15 Loving/Enjoying the Game 16 Not just Knowing, but also Making the Right Play 17 Playing the Players 18 Performing well under Pressure Somewhat Important 19 Money Management 20 Preparation 21 Talent 22 Shifting Gears Not too important 23 Stack Size/Amount of the Buy-in 24 Table Image 25 Trickiness Unimportant 26 Luck