First let me say, I know that the new school is free, it's a matter of economics, and it's not the PSO we've all come to know and love. Heck, I would have been willing to pay an increased yearly dues if would have helped, but alas that's nots to be. Today, after only two days of playing in the new grrrrrrrr "pokerpages freeschool", I find myself in a position where I'm actually struggling to deal with the new players whose ATWD, all in at every chance, calling to the river on a hope and a prayer attitude, has come to the forefront ala Fleetstreet. I came here to learn poker and be the best player I can be, but right now, I'm having problems adjusting to these new players and it's very frustrating. Yes, I know that you will meet these people in the casino's and on-line, but so many? Even with the bad beats, I do my best to be kind and considerate and say Nice Hand, but even that attitude is being put sorely to the test. In the past few days I've played a few MTT's and one SnG, and I'm questioning my decisons and bet sizing since many of these players will call anyway. Am I always making the right decision? No, I do realize I have a lot to learn still, but it's extremely frustrating to repeatedly have my good hands destroyed on the river by 1 outters, from players who are here to play bingo and lotto. I guess I'm having issues with adjusting to fleetstreet style mentality and I wonder if anyone else is having problems adjusting as well. Thankfully I'm reading the 'Your Worst Poker Enemy" book and I'm looking to find some insight there on how to stay off Tilt. What will the future be for me here? I'm not sure, but I know that as long as Al and Hitman are a part of the school, I put my trust in them and will try my best to get through this dilemma. Ric