Today was an interesting day of poker for me. I played in the annual event and did quite well, finishing in the top 5 which I feel is a major accomplishment for me. I made some mistakes here and there, and I also made some laydowns, that I normally would not have made which is kinda kewl because I think doing so is what got me so far into the tournament. I also played in the loyalty event and played what I feel was a very tight and aggressive game. My play led me to be around the top and with 20 players to go, I was feeling pretty good. Then I took a horrible bad beat that cost 100K chips and long story short.... I finished in 19th place out of 112. Out of the money, and out of the sponsorship points for that one. The funny thing about the bad beat is that for once I played correctly and put in the right bets to get my opponent to fold. They never had the right odds to call, and they were betting on a longshot. Well, they didn't fold and once we were both all in on the turn, I was confident I had the hand won. Then the river hit that miracle card that gave them the win and my heart sunk. But that's not the end of the story. I was stunned, I was hurt, and I didn't lash out, didn't belittle my opponents play and I just accepted that 1) I played the hand correctly, and 2) Bad beats are going to happen. Yes I didn't money, but I played to win and i'd play it the same way next time to. So, I think that slowly, but surely, I'm maturing as a player and I'm definitely on the right track thanks to all of you players here at PSO who encourage and challenge me to be a better player. Thanks. Ric