I play a wee bit of limit Hold Em, mostly in cash games, but at times in a tournament too. Every once in a while someone comes along who just can't let go of their hand, any hand, no matter what. These are the ATWD players who will flop second or third pair, or some type of draw and they call to the river over and over and over again regardless of what the texture of the board says to them, if they even know what that means. These type of players may be playing just for the fun which is fine, they may be trying to learn how to play different types of hands which is fine, or they may think they are playing properly when they aren't. Sometimes, you see raw talent and potential in the way they structure some of their bets, and you think this person has a future, this person can be one of the best. So, you make the mistake of wanting to help this callaholic because you see something in them. Trying to help a callaholic takes patience, a thick skin, and a willingness to jump into the waters. Sometimes this works out, and at other times it ends in disaster, especially when they are winning a tournament and constantly hitting hands like 24o, 27o, Q3, and so on as an example. But you try to help anyway and are told, "but they were suited", or "I was pretty sure he was bluffing, so I called", or "I'm learning from a pro and this is what I was told to do (no pro is gonna tell you to take 27o to the river when you flop bottom pair)", or "I'm the chip leader." You try to talk reason to them, you try to tell them to look at the lessons and videos, and take them to heart, but a callaholic has major issues when they are winning, and when they are losing, they blame everyone and everything else, but the blame never rests on where it should. I once was a callaholic and even to this day, I fight the urges. Sometimes I win, and every once in a while I lose. Once a callaholic, always a callaholic and knowing this is half the fight. If you too are a callaholic, or are seeking guidance, you can get help at Callaholics Anonymous. The first step is in recognizing your affliction, the next one is up to you.