Psalms 23 offsuit PSO is my shepherd; I shall not donk PSO maketh me to read the texture of the board on the flop; PSO leadeth me besides the pot odds. PSO restoreth my bankroll; PSO leadeth me in the paths of righteousness by playing from position. Yea, though I sit at the felt full of callers, I will fear no maniac; for PSO is with me; thy lessons and thy video they comfort me. PSO preparest an MTT before me in the presence of mine competitors: PSO anointest my head with knowledge; my poker journal runneth over . Surely good play and success shall follow me all the days of my tourneys: and I will learn in the house of PSO for ever. (A message to all concerned, The Poker Player formerly known as Punky159 is currently in hiding deep inside a warehouse full of boxes, that say... hey wait a minute... what am I doing in a cave full of lighting rods.... AHHHHH, Zaap!!!!) Disclaimer: This post is meant to be taken as a parody and only for humour. It is in no way intended to start anything more than a smile from your face. Ric