Not too long ago, I started reading "Your Worst Poker Enemy" by Alan Schoonmaker. Sometime in between reading the book, a post in the forums caught my and I responded with the opposite view. Without going into great detail about the post, I made a statement that I firmly stand by, which is you should never rule out Intuition in a poker decision. I read the pages about Logic Versus Intuition several times, just to make sure that I truly did understand what was being talked about... here is my final verdict. In a nutshell, Logic and intuition are at two ends of a continuum and while some people rely solely on Intuition, some other might rely solely on Logic. And those that get the best of it, usually are somewhere in the continuum and they use a combination of both Logic and Intuition to give them the success they are looking for. Now, how do you know where you fit on that continuum yourself? Well, you can do a self assessment by keeping a good log on when your intuition was correct and then assigning a number to your accuracy. As for logic, it's simple... logic is gotten in reading books, posting hands and taking the feedback for what it is worth and using it to your advantage, maybe getting a poker mentor, and of course in gaining experience. Schoonmaker states that you need to rely more on logic in low level limit hold em games because the play is straightforward and there is no need to use your intuitive side to even try to be creative. If the odds are there, you will be called and being creative does nothing for you. However, as you play and get better and learn... you might decide to move up to a higher limit, or maybe even start to play in a pot limit or no limit hold em game at higher levels. It is when you reach these higher levels, that Intuition becomes more important than Logic. I think that what I gleaned from this information is the following... 1) There are very few people in the world who are truly gifted with a high level of intuition, and if you are one of those, rely mostly on your intuition, BUT, learn to use logic to make yourself a better player. 2) Almost all beginners would be better off by starting with a logical approach to poker. After all, you need to learn strategy and proper play in a learn to walk before you can run mentality. 3) There are actually two types of intuition!!! The first is the gift that very few of us are born with and the second is a "learned" intuition!!! You learn it by first following the logical path and as time goes on, you build your intuition based on the learning and your experience in poker. 4) I'm a "MAGOO" sometimes and knowing I'm a MAGOO will go a long way towards making myself a better player. If you are interested in knowing what a Magoo is, then you need to read the book, for now.... I'm taking the logical approach and building on it, but I won't rule out my intuition either. Ric