With the inception of the new General Poker CoS, I was thrown a slight curve ball with the following options: 1) Do I continue with the NLHE CoS (I'm getting ready to start the intermediate section) and do the General later? 2) Do I stop the NLHE CoS and pick up at the General CoS (to finish it and then go back to the NLHE) ? 3) Do I take option number 3 (suggested by an admin) and do both of the CoS courses at the same time (Finish General Basic, then the NLHE Basic; Finish General Intermediate, then NLHE, etcetera.)? I then asked myself these questions based on option 3: 1) Would I be taking on more information than I could handle and process at one time? 2) Would it hurt my overall game play to the point I frustrate myself, thereby putting myself off the deep end? 3) How long would it take to complete both courses, including the recommended reading, and including the optional personal training with an instructor? 4) How much better or worse would I be in the long run by doing this? When I first came to PSO, I was lost, with 5 years of playing poker poorly under my belt and I decided to give myself 5 more years of training, and playing, and education in order to get better and be where I want to be in my development as a player. Overall, I don't think it would hurt to take my time and do both courses together sort of as a companion to each other. But I ask myself how much longer will the process take, and I also wonder if I can become good enough at NLHE first, then backtrack to the General Poker course to solidify what I've learned. I'm going to think over this before I decide on what to do, and I don't mind some constructive ideas, pros/cons of finishing the NLHE, then moving to the General, etcetera. Thanks for your time, Ric AkA Punky159