.... on the NLHE CoS, so I'm Ric De Rosa, AkA Punky159, retired USAF, current police officer, and I love poker. I want to have fun while playing, but I also want to get good enough to use poker to supplement my income. Heck, if I'm able to get to the level of poker playing that I want to be at, I will reestablish my goals and maybe move onto poker for a living. But I'm going to be realistic about it. So, I started today with reading and accomplishing the actions in Step 1 and Step 2, and I'm on my way again. Good refreshers since I have some experience and I'm ready to move onto Step 3 and the basic information. I think this might take a while to complete because I may have to read and reread some of the information (especially anything having to do with odds and probabilities) in the course and I plan on doing all the recommended reading as well. I look forward to seeing you all at the tables, and I appreciate any words of wisdom, or even thoughts on the way you view me as a player or on the way I played a hand. Thanks. Ric