I've been with PSO for a short time and I've learned a lot. I still make tons of mistakes, but mostly play cards by position with the occasional "what the heck was that" hand to throw people off. My main game is NLHE because that's pretty much the main focus of the training course, but I try to get into the other games (Limit HE, Stud, Omaha, Razz) to try and become divere in my knowledge. With that said, I find I still have great difficulty with ring games (not my forte it seems), and in MTT Tournaments I have a lot to learn about properly using aggression and I overplay my big pairs too. My best game is probably NLHE Single Table SNG's because that's where I've been able to build my bankroll for the most part, but I want to learn to play better in tournaments and ring games as time goes on. Now the dilemma, I find I get more frustrated when playing good hands and I get beat by crazy hands that the maniacs and sometimes good players play. Recently (within the last 2 weeks) it's been one bad beat after another along with my overplaying some hands and underplaying others (at least my bankroll is well in the green still). So, I decided to take a short break (probably just a week or two) from playing (I still will work on the HU challenge) too much and I am going to review my Journal Notes, along with looking for leaks in my game (I have tons of data now) and then it's the upward ladder climb to be where I want to be in the poker world. This is just to let you all know that my short absence from the PSO tables is a good and focused one, so be ready to give me your chips when I return. Much love to my poker brethren.