As I originally stated, I came to PSO to learn to be a better player, and with that comes not blowing up and being disrespectful at bad beats from some pretty strange hands. I can honestly say, that I'm playing a tighter game than ever before (still with some mistakes) and I'm learning to mix it up (sometimes not at the right time, but hey). I even found myself being courteous to a few players that threw out some horrible bad beats, I realize that calling people names and being disrespctful just does nothing to help my game. Yes I typed out the OMG and Why Lord Why when I got beat (gonna work on not doing that), but I congratulated my opponent with a well deserved "NH", which I truly mean because they had the gamble in them to take that chance and won out. So to all those that threw down a bad beat to me today, I say Nice Hand, and never be sorry for winning. Ric