Even though I haven't been at PSO for too long, I recently took a short hiatus from playing poker to evaluate my play and get away from what I thought were numerous bad breaks and bad beats. What I discovered is that I'm a better player now than I was before starting at PSO, but I've got a long long long way to go. Yes, I did take a lot of bad beats, but I realize that I overplayed numerous hands when I didn't recognize that I had gotten outflopped. I also realized that I easily got impatient in a game that requires... no demands patience. Even being back at PSO, I see I'm still making many of the same mistakes that I made when I took the break, but, now I realize I'm making them and I'm taking steps to slowly pull myself away from being King Donkey. : ) I'm putting my Chris Ferguson challenge on hold and will be putting my primary focus on NLHE (because of the CoS), secondary on Stud (Al made me do it), and tertiary on limit HE (it's a good place for fundamentals). So in the words of the great Miyagi san, "Must Find Patience".... or was that focus.... hmmmmmmm