If anyone has been reading about my Chicago Tour stop antics in the forums, you'll already know that I have a ton of work to do before I can become a winning tournament player and even though there is one more PSO event in about 12 hours from now, I felt I should jot down some lessons that I've learned. First and most importantly, it's extremely important to have patience and discipline to play in a tournament. I found myself trying to make moves early on in the tournament just like an on-line player would do, and that's an easy way to donk off chips when you shouldn't even be in the pot in the first place, or in the pot after the flop. I also made decisions way to fast and it took a while for me to realize that it's important to take enough time to read the texture of the board, to put opponents on hands, and then to figure out why my opponent is betting, or raising the amount that he or she is putting on the felt. I also need to learn when and how to mix up my play in order to properly make moves and to steal the blinds, or even to thwart blind steals. It was hard to come over the top of a blind stealer, and even more difficult to try and steal blinds because the few times I did so, I got reraised too much for me to call. Also, when I settle down and start playing properly, It's important to keep from backsliding into "donking off chips mode." Overall, I need to work on the following; 1) Patience and Discipline 2) Mixing up my play 3) Blind stealing and defense 4) Reading the texture of the board 5) Putting people on hands 6) Reading Opponents ala Caro, Navarro, and others 7) Probably a ton of other things I haven't thought about. I'm sure there are other areas I need to improve on and i'm a poker work in progress. Well it's time to get some sleep, and in a little less than 12 hours, I'm hoping that I can take some of what I've learned so far about my limitations and maybe i'll finish better than 16th place. Till later, Ric