Maybe the rush of winning a few hands will help me wake up. 

     I have been making the most of all these free tournament tickets I have managed to get my hands on. It's a pretty awesome promotion really.

     It's too bad I didn't get the two tickets I worked so hard to get, stressing myself over not being able to get my damn hand history to export through BOOM! .... Jeez! haha     


     C'est la vie! I suppose anyways....


     Another thing that is bothering me is the MTT Quiz... I just can't pass it! I am almost doing worse easch time that I answer the questions now.  I find some of the answers to be more of a personal choice than a "set in stone" way of playing the game. I think different strategies is what makes us each unique with different playing styles.

     Anyone interested in a poker study buddy?


Here's a snapshot of my early morning fun!