To tell you more about me, I prefer cash games over tournament play because it creates a lot more action and gives me instant edge over fishes, not necessarily after 20+ tournaments. Plus there is the money pressure factor when you play against people who overextended their bankrolls (which in live games is quite common). 
To give you an idea how i play cash games, about 2 weeks ago I decided to have some fun at nl20 SH. After about 5000 hands stats were fun: 62/41/18 (vpip/pfr/3-bet) with 33 bb/100 (42 bb/100 ev-adjusted). Yes, I'm a maniac, yes i will take on anyone GIVEN that i have edge on him and i know that i can beat him and yes, i do 3-bet with 27o.
Reason behind maniac play is the fact that most people playing microstakes poker are weak people who while in hand look for reasons to fold the hand, and I'm more than happy to give them reasons to fold, instead of trying to figure out current situation. They simply play weak and scared poker.

And sadly this is what they will know after playing PSO and moving to real money play with their just acquired bankroll because this is a valid strategy here if you want to advance in leaderboard. And this is bad.
As a resul people who leave PSO jump into real action and will simply get slaughtered in the long run because they will play "just to hang on" instead of playing for the win. And when they realize that it's not working they will start to play way too aggressive (compared to how good their post-flop play is) and bleed chips left and right till they eventually go on tilt and dump their bankroll in single tournament. It's a pattern I've seen way too many times.

They really have to rethink the idea of PSO, make it a lot more focused on the big wins but still with punishment when you bust early. Maybe some sort of restricted play money you can use to buy into tournaments/cash games (under PSO wing). It would reset to some sum every month, + leaderboard in the end of the month (similar to current one) but ordered by amount of pso-money they have which determines the winner. There will be no reload so this will teach people BRM (then if not cashgames [easy to dump chips] we could have different type of tournaments to play with different BIs and structure).

Just an wild idea, feel free to flame it.