As you could expect from play money tournament, the overall level is terrible and this includes people who got ITM ranking. To show my point lets take a hand from last nights tournament (MP2 is Kebron, player ranked 241th which gets him ITM for 15$).

No-Limit Hold'em Tournament, 600/1200 Blinds (9 handed) - Hold'em Manager Converter Tool from

CO (t2695)
Button (t16084)
SB (t8116)
BB (t1605)
UTG (t5645)
UTG+1 (t12395)
MP1 (t430)
MP2 (t32975)
Hero (MP3) (t36655)

Hero's M: 20.36

Preflop: Hero is MP3 with 8, 8
3 folds, MP2 bets t3600, Hero raises t9000, 2 folds, SB calls t7391, BB calls t280, 1 fold
Flop: (t21062) 2, A, J (3 players)
Turn: (t21062) 4 (3 players)
River: (t21062) 7 (3 players)
Total pot: t21062

I'm an aggressive player (doh, obviously) and i will often 3-bet weak people with marginal holdings like middle pairs or suited connectors, especially if they care more about moving 5-10 more places in the ranking than actually winning the tournament.
So here a weak player opens from MP2 for 3xBB and I with position stick a resonable reraise to 9k to find out where i stand right now (if he got AK-AJ he will just call that bet, if he is sitting on a pair higher than my snowmans he will push it and i will have quite easy fold. With any other holding he is going to fold and I will scoop nice pot). Here situation is different because behind SB and BB decide to stick around (BB actually doesn't worry me at all because his stack was crippled) which pumped the pot to almost 23k giving MP2 very easy call with pretty much ** (you got 4.25:1 on your money, whatever you raised with - you have to call here even if it's total crap like 27o [even with 27o you are only making a mistake for 8% of your stack so you should call with it because if you win this pot you are going to be in solid lead of this tournament]). But he found a fold and was pretty proud about it (he had 88) which shows clearly that concept of such essential thing as pot-odds is a mystery to him.

And this is the level of majority of the players, typical brainless zombie calling station or aggro donk who in top3 call all-in for their whole stack with top pair without kicker (on a wet board) without thinking about it for second.. And the bizzare part is that this weak poker is enough to hold reasonable position in this ladder. Tells you a lot how meaningless it is. Quite frankly if PS wants this ladder to matter and reflect some actual skill level then they should narrow down the field or make this a shoot-out tournament so in order to play in final table you will have to beat 9 opponents, not just get lucky with fishes.

My other complain is about prize structure which is simply silly. There is only 10$ prize and no one cares about winning less than buy-in to lowest available SNG so for the sake of are-you-there god, change it to fixed payouts structure (6/3/1 seems fair). Winning 0.02$ doesn't make you look cool or feel good, it only makes the first 2 spot payouts meaningless.