Monthly round up!!!

Ran ~42 BI's under EV but overall very happy with how I played. My mental game is developing nicely and although I am not immune to tilt I am getting better at identifying it so I know when to quit. I also have an added security of a 4BI stop loss set on tilt breaker.

This month has started better

and it would be nice to put good volume and have a big win.

This is all at PLO25

Monthly Goals:

[] Continue working through TC's PostFlop Theory
[] Learn EQ match ups off by heart
[] 60k hands
[] Review hands in morning before starting day
[] Analyse regs who have given me trouble

Oh and I won a year subscription to a popular training site which is fantastic. If anyone reading this is serious about getting good at poker. Video's are the way to go.

Anyway, just a short one. I'll keep you posted.