Hello again everyone.

Just an update as to how the grind is going so far this month.

Hands played - 10954
Profit/Loss - +$68.16
bb/100 - 12.44

Hands played - 8791
Profit/Loss - +$29.52
bb/100 - 16.79

Total for the month - +$97.68
Total overall - +$142.43

Here is my graph so far:

My bankroll now stands at $167.91

I seem to have found my stride in 5NL. I must admit, the transition between 2NL and 5NL was trickier than I thought it would be.

The amount of money your playing with at a given table is 2.5 times the amount at 2NL. It's easy to think you're losing more money than you really are. A loss of $2 would feel like a kick in the balls but that's not even half a buy in. So i've started to think about winnings and losses for a session in terms of buy-ins as opposed to dollars and I would advise anyone moving up to do the same. Losing 3 buy-ins is so much easier to think about than losing $15

I've also had to make a few adjustments on the table but not many.

I raise less on the cutoff and button
I lose less when I steal and get 3 bet and it also means I can still profitably call with pocket pairs when players in the blinds are bad at sizing their 3 bets i.e. I make it 2.5bb they make it 6bb

I adjust my range according to people on my left
Loose players to my left and I tighten up. Tight players to my left and I open up.
Same with the blinds. If they're tight I'm pretty much opening 50%+ of my range. Loose and/or aggressive (they like to 3 bet) and I open for value and steal less.

Apart from that I'm pretty much playing the same. Still not that great at hand reading but I'm getting better at analysing flop texture and how that fits into villains range.

Anyway folks that's all for now.

Take it easy and good luck