Hello again everyone,  

Haven't posted in a while. My results for October are as follows:  

Profit/Loss - +$36.06
Hands played - 27235
bb/100 - 6.20
Current Bankroll - $113.78  

I have just moved up to 5NL    

And here is how my graph looks since I started this blog late September:

 You might have noticed the rather large dips in the graph. The first was caused as a result of the dreaded booze hound. The one following was probably the worst tilt I have ever experienced. I dropped 7 buy ins in the space of about 20 mins.    So as you can see I have been hard at work rectifying my mistakes. It has taken me about 26000 hands to fix about 3500 hands of things that can be avoided.  

Alcohol: I have started banning myself from Pokerstars anywhere from 12-24hours if there is even a sniff of booze.  

Tilt: This is obviously a little bit trickier due to the volatility of emotion but I was surfing the internet and happened across Discordianism. I'll not go into the details but the principles of Discordianism have completely altered  my reaction to bad beats.

Here is the link   Discordianism   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discordianism  

The ideas concerning order and disorder are what influenced me the most.  

I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.  


1) Try and grind $100 and move up to 10NL  

Busy month so if I can achieve this I'd be very happy.  

Anyway people. Bye for now. I'll keep you all posted as usual.  

Good luck at the tables,