Hello again,

So after my last post regarding the pitfalls of alcohol I obviously went out, got drunk and played some more. If you're serious about poker and you think playing drunk is fun etc check out this graph

It is not fun. It is as the title of this post suggests. A friend of mine who also plays calls it "the sickness". He, unlike myself, has purged himself of its evil. I now too have a cure, and you can too.

I emailed PokerStars explaining the horrors of this terrible curse and asked them for a solution. As usual, their e-mail was prompt and very very helpful. They offer a service in which you can ban yourself anywhere from 12hours to 6 months. Perfect! It's as simple as 'requests' -> 'responsible gaming' -> 'exclude me from playing'. Access is permitted but real money AND play money games are out of bounds. The decision cannot be reversed. So....

Drinks? Ban, drinks, fun times, home to bed, wake up, bankroll intact, I do not cry.

Time to pick myself up, pull the beer bottles from my arse, nurse my wounds and get cracking on getting out of this damn pit.

Profit/Loss as a result of BOOOOOOOZE!!! - MINUS $52.63

Current Bankroll: $63.29

Catch ya laters and smash the tables,