Well, what can I say.   

I said it might happen, and that snarling, mind controlling, button pressing maniac smashed  in my door and proceeded to chow down on my hard earned sober cash. God damn it's an ugly  thing. Single minded in its willingness to destroy everything from your bankroll to your  sanity. A violent whirlwind of mistimed check raises, 3,4,5 bets, endless barrels for hopeless bluffs, indescriminate and unthinking in its attack **blink** and just like that, it's gone, but not for good. Rest assured it'll be back. It always comes back.  

All things started well, just a few drinks I thought, and to minimize any potential damage I'd play sitngo's and tournies instead. I had a plan. Turns out, it wasn't such a great plan.   Losses and knockouts in short succession amounted to about $26.62 of my roll ending up in the jaws of that beast. My bankroll now stands at $94.58. Still enough for 5NL but I'm gonna grind 2NL for another $25 to give myself a 4 buy in cushion. If I try and start 5NL I'm not gonna be playing my A game for fear of losing money. Scared money makes no money. A whole other kettle of fish.  

So to sum up, here are my stats for this week and as promised, a rundown of losses while drunk.  

Cash Games:  

5NL - 3157 hands Winnings - $24.64 bb/100 - 15.61  

2NL - 5649 hands Winnings - $17.89 bb/100 - 15.83  

Total Winnings - $42.53  

Profit/Loss while playing drunk - MINUS $26.62

Here is my graph as of my first post.


I think this hand sums it up. If you look closely you can see them there. Wildly staring    back at ya. Half human half god knows what...    ...the eyes of the beast....................


See you next time,