Goodbye September, hello October.

Here are my stats for September:
Stake - $0.01/0.02NL
Hands played - 11665
Winnings - $56.14
bb/100 - 24.06

Septembers graph.

Had probably the worst downswing ever this month. Caused primarily from bad beats but tilt kicked in and I turned into a mega monkey tilt spaz. All in pre with KJo? WTF?

This months goals:
1. Do not turn into mega monkey tilt spaz
2. Grind another $20 till I hit $100 and move up to 5NL
3. More volume - 15000 hands
4. Crush 5NL for $100 and move up to 10NL
5. Do not drink and play poker - it is so so so so so so so so bad 

The final point is something that I'd like to mention because playing while drunk has either a) wiped out my bankroll or b) crippled my bankroll. Neither options are very appealing to someone who would like to grind up to higher stakes. Waking up with a sore head, logging on to your account to find you blasted away $20 or the whole lot (I did $250 once) is so gross. Hangovers, combined with the realisation that a weeks worth of grind is down the drain are 2 things that shouldn't be mixed.

I must admit that I do have a slight problem when it comes to drinking. Something that I am currently trying to get under control. I'm not a full blown alcoholic but I have a problem and that problem does not mix well with poker.'s either poker or the drink and I love love love poker. So poker it is.

Obviously I'm no angel and I'm sure there will be times when the urge is irresistable (I do love poker after all) so just to show what damage it can do to the bankroll of any aspiring poker player I will be documenting monthly profit/loss as a result of the booze. I will also post some choice hands (if any) that come about while trying to play like Tom Dwan et. al.

I'll keep you all posted next week as to how the grind is going.

Good luck at the tables people.