Hello fellow PSOers!!!




Let me start by wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Team work is really the best and I want to thank you all, friends, students, teachers, mods (and rockers ) for a great year of learning and playing and blogging and last but not least having fun!

2013 is now over and it's time to reflect and summarize. The Time Vault Challenge is over for some days now though, concluded earlier in December. It is the truth that had it not been the case, I might never have started this blog or even set any goals for myself for this past year. I'd probably be still playing solely for fun at play money tables retaining the style I had developed over the years, learning nothing in the procedure. This great promotion made me rethink my whole poker playing experience, forced me to learn the basics of the game anew and try to become a better player.

I did struggle a lot as I am a born maverick, never did conform easilly. On the other hand, that is combined with persistence and self-discipline IF and WHEN I decide to do something. So there it is, I am one of the few that stayed in the challenge, I kept going even when I didn't feel like it. The evidence is there, my forum thread is a rather limited and even poor one. To my defence - not excuse, not having a poker software handy limited my charts, diagrams and hand history posting abilities. But I made it to the end even as a bottom finisher. (In long distance races, like a marathon, finishing is a victory per se).


As you may remember my goal was "to make something out of nothing". Well, that meant free-rolling my way to some earnings. That was maybe an unrealistic goal, as we are taught that "nothing comes out of nothing". Nonetheless I set up accounts in FullTilt, PartyPoker and 888 other than Pokerstars and gave it a go.

As the online gambling legislation in Greece was a little complicated at a certain point, I opened a Neteller account and withdrew most of my bankroll and at another point being rather disappointed from 888 I emptied my account there.

Here's a collage of my final yearly standings without ever depositing a single cent:

So, my little "something outta nothing" amounts to: $45 in FullTilt, $50.86 in Pokerstars, $13.40 in PartyPoker and $602.88 in Neteller. Total:  $712.14. If we add the tickets ($22  and $1.10 in Tilt, $27 and $3.30 in Stars) that is another $53.40 and the oncoming Time Vault reward of $30 we end at the grand total of  $795.54. That really is something, huh?

And even though I owe a lot to all of you for the support, the knowledge, the occasional reality check and your friendship, I'm not shy to say that:

finally, I did it

That'all for now folks, final curtain (don't be shy for a standing ovation),

have a great year all!!!