Howdy folks.

This is a rather sad post as your old Psycho friend is rather sad. You probably remember last post with all the excitement and organizing my MicroMillions play. Well, my Micromillions carriere was abruptly terminated, as I was caught in the middle of legal status changes. After a point, main event tourneys and satellites started to disappear. I noticed and asked fellow PSOers at Chris's class. It seemed that at the time I was the only greek student and all responses were the "mine are fine" type.

I wrote a mail to support and received the bad news:

Hello Vassilios,

Thank you for your email.

Tournaments with larger prize pools are not currently available on the PokerStars.GR software. These have been removed temporarily whilst we review the situation with the Greek license over the coming weeks and months.

As soon as we are able to, we will look to reintroduce these tournaments for Greek players, and we thank you for your patience and consideration until we have these reinstated accordingly.


PokerStars Support Team

Ouch, that hurt as I had successfully played two big ticket satellites one for $5.50 and one for $8.80 and was looking forward to entering bigger buy-in events.

Next log-in the matter got official:

This necessary adjustment was so ill-timed that it deprived me from playing the later part of this special series. Do not misunderstand me here. I am thankfull to Pokerstars for bothering to adjust to greek legislation changes in order for us Greeks to keep playing here whithout problems. I am sad that this happened during Micromillions.

Added negative value to that is the fact that I don't know what I can play anymore. I try registering in tourneys through tickets and get the message I got for the one I was very much anticipating, the School free-buy: (I love those as the field is special, every now and then you bump onto friends from PSO and if you stay strong and lucky, you end up with a $3.30 ticket on top)


I think that now I have a better idea of how my friends in the US must have felt after Black Friday.

I really hope that legal matters are cleared fast and I can get out of Kafka's "Casino". It's such a disappointment when the pop-up appears.

Lots of luck at the tables,

hope to join you soon!!!