Howdy folks!

November is here and your old pal is juggling around his indecisiveness about his next poker road, pokermissions, greek autumn ring promotion and the oncoming MicroMillions!

I did opt-in for the 10 VPP mission and did accomplish it, but unless I get REALLY lucky in the flipaments it was an absolutely -EV move, as I managed to lose some eight bucks in the process - I guess it was like buying FPPs .

Anyway we'll see about that.

As for the greek ring thing, I signed in but I don't think I'll be able to make something out of it as it is FPP related too and my recent cash record proves that I, ehm, suck in those.

Now for the second Micromillions of my poker curriculum vitae:

Those of you that read my posts on the last series know that I got rather frustrated and taxed then. So I decided on a different approach this time. I filtered out all the re-buy events, then I considered starting times and here's what this process gave me:

(I know some will find this too meticulous, ok, ok, even scholastic, well I confess, I'm a geek)


The color codes if you were wondering represent these thoughts:

Green: I already have three $3.30 tickets from two PSO freebuys and one leftover from the last series, so they are the easy ones.

Blue(light): Low buy-ins that are inside sane bank roll management.

Yellow(dark): Buy-ins that I consider satellites for, as they exceed my limits.

Yellow(light): High buy-ins, considering only co-operation.

What do you think?

That's all for now, until the next time.

P.S. Just got my Big Bang ticket, thanks PSO! I hope I'll be able to play.

Good Luck at the tables!