Howdy folks.
Those of you that do follow this "Time-Vault-Challenge" of mine (if anyone does, as I don't get much of a feedback) probably think that this ol' duck is slacking. Scarce posts in the forum, no blog post recapitulating August, "what the duck is wrong with ya, Psycho?"
Well, this month has been one of an ambivalent mood. As it is my birth month, it bare rewards and a great birthday present of $169.50 in the BankRollMob three-month final free-roll.
In the meantime, I noticed that I couldn't log on to pokerstarsblog, partypokerblog and some other poker related sites. I contacted my ISP company and they informed me that some sites have been blacklisted by the Greek Gaming Commission while on the other hand a ruling concerning internet gambling is pending. As an old song says:"Ain't that a kick in the head?"
Remembering the trouble my friends from the US got into after Black Friday it really scared the living daylights outta me. So, what do I do? Brag about my poker achievements or whine about the prospect of being shut out from online poker?
I decided - finally - that I won't give in to whining and go on bragging until further notice from the country's legislators.So here it is:
My psycho-plan was making something out of nothing, right? Well, at this point this something amounts to some six hundred bucks scattered around the internet. Yes, fellas, I did it. Without ever depositing a single cent I managed to free-roll myself into a decent bankroll. Thanks are in order to BankRollMob and CardsChat, as most of my roll comes from their Leaderboards and free-rolls.
I did expand a bit and tried some micro buy-in tournaments and micro-cash games, but my heart is still a free-roller's. Truth be told the latest developments left half of it, but I expect that to be enough for the moment. Let me wish here to our very own effsea to find his poker-heart back soon. (I'm gonna watch the lesson tonight, effs, and tease you as much as I can.
So, wrapping it up, psycho-plan goes great.
Good Luck at the tables, people!!!