Hello to all fellow PSOers.

Some historians say that the first month of the year is named after the roman god Janus. The god with the two faces. On the opposite side of the year circle is June. For me June was two-faced as well.

Appart from my usual free rolling, which goes smoothly but poorly, I gave a try to some S'n'Gs in an attempt to hit a golden one. No luck there and the total was a break even situation. I guess I'm not ready yet to grind the micro 45 and 90 man S'n'Gs. In addition, I free-rolled a seat to the Guinness World Record tourney and the MTOPS final event at Full Tilt, but no success there either. So as far as poker is concerned the improvements are rather small and namely that I broke the $60 barrier and that I finally managed to bring some aggression into my game. Not much, you can still call me "Sir Limp-a-lot" but I became more selective to the spots and open - raise a bit more than I used to.

The ugly face of the month was the mood I was in. Due to some real-world problems my mood was terrible. I was crankier than my avatar. I didn't snap at other players of course, but I didn't have fun either for most of the time. I was always expecting the worse outcome and I kind of attracted it too. I really can not count the times I was rivered and beaten by junk. But it was expected. Like a reverse "Alchemist",  when you fear something really much, the whole universe conspires to realize your fear.

The "losing psychology" is a huge leak in my game. I think I have mentioned it again in a former post. Thank goodness that in free rolls you only bust your pride and self - confidence. or I would be broke by now.

The mood was the deciding factor for my not joining the PSO series too. I felt certain that I would run very bad, so I stayed out of it. Not for the money I might lose, after all I can afford losing some now. I didn't even join any play-money games either. I felt like it was gonna be a true disaster and the community would think of me less. I mean we are here in order to improve as players, right? How come I am getting worse? I know that it isn't quite true, but it might give you an idea of how I felt.

That's the emotional approach to the month. with two more days remaining. As for numbers and charts, I will do the work on the first days of July.

Thanks for reading.