Howdy all!

SCOOP is over and it's time to scoop up the results.

Truth be told, I didn't use all my tickets as some incidents deprived me of the opportunity to play in the last  four days of the events, so I even have a scoop of left-over ice cream - oops, I mean a SCOOP ticket, worth $27.

The evaluation of the event as far as it concerns me is one that I'm rather hesitant to post, but you know me, at least those of you that read this blog regularly, I'm blunt even if it's not flattering for me or my skills.

In a nutshell:


As John (JWK24) very accurately pointed out, I played very bad, i.e. I played those events like free-rolls. Yup, it is true, what made me a rather successful free-roller these last months made me fish food in SCOOP. I have become too comfortable with bingo-nights to be able to play at serious events where the field is a lot stronger and definitely a more experienced one. Details are irrelevant at this point, all that matters is that I used two $11 and one $27 ticket with nothing to show for it.

Excuses I have plenty - don't we all? - such as the too slow structure of the majority of events, namely 15 minute levels in two-day events where the first day finished at level 41. (Do the math, 4 levels per hour, 10 hours for the first day) or the number of entrants (after 3 hours of late registration the field was usually over 20 thousand) etc. I was terrified to play the most of those events as I couldn't schedule 10 hour poker sessions. Anyway  had I been in better shape as a poker player, these facts wouldn't be really important.

Wrapping it up, another lesson taken the hard way - those are the most effective ones anyway.

In short, I'm not yet flexible enough to play different levels of poker, so I'd better stick to bingo-nights only, at least for a while more and then start afresh, apply the valuable lessons I've learned from PSO and advance to the next level.

In a later post I might try to ellaborate on the ways and plays of free-rolls Vs serious poker tournaments, but for now,

That's all folks!!!

Lots of luck at the tables!!!

Tilt'em to your laps!!!