Hello to all fellow PSOers!!


Well, people, April was a peculiar month for your old Psycho friend. At some point I even questioned my interest in poker in general. Last blog post was all about that. In terms of the game, I flopped very miserable, had to check the turn and wait and finally rivered a monster. I took a step back as I realised that I started being absent-minded while playing, making mechanical decisions without any interest in the game and the opponents. It seems that this was the result of anger management, bad luck and volume of games combined and blended, shaken - not stirred, with a dash of psycho-ducking (I'm a duck and not a female dog, get the point?). The contribution of effsea, 85FastLane and glenn161274 at that point was crucial. THANKS, GUYS!!! I had forgotten all about the social aspect of the game and the fun of playing in itself. Re-evaluating and taking a break from the tables helped me big time. Coming back I played some great poker at free-rolls, made it to a couple of final tables and had lots and lots of fun playing with smart, witty and really nice people at the home club.  THANKS SO MUCH, GUYS!!!

Not having a HUD program yet I decided to have some fun in making my own charts and diagrams. As my ancient forefathers said: "Even the Gods (they had quite a few) succumb to need".  I even took a screen-shot of the leaderboard, wanting to brag a bit.

Summing it up, April was a roller-coaster month that ended far better than I would ever have imagined. Here is a table I made for the month's winning tourneys and PSO reward:

Yes, guys and gals, your old pal Vas tripled up and broke the 10$ barrier in April. Cool ain't it?

Here's the diagram I created for my overall progress:

Last, but not least, your old pal PsychoVas finished in the 13th position for the last 3-month leaderboard:


How about that? Seems that all those poker lessons and forum discussions finally paid up, right? I don't know if I can keep this pace for the following months, but April proved that my psycho-plan is something I might accomplish in the end. I already made a small something out of nothing.

Not as great an achievement as it looks and feels, though, because the upside and edge of free-rolling is that you can't lose. You either win or you don't. No investment other than time is needed.

Well, that's it for now, folks, the oncoming SCOOP is another story, I'll let you know about it in due time,

be happy for me and

Tilt the tables to your laps!!!