Howdy folks!


I just realized something really disturbing in my daily activities. I play poker for quite long hours everyday, but I  have no fun in it.

My efforts in coping with bad beats, tilting or semi-tilting and long lasting bad luck were a true success. I don't mind anymore. In fact I don't care at all. I don't give a duck about it!!! The combination of keeping my cool and a streak of bad luck resulted in total indifference. I mean it's not "expect the unexpected" anymore, it's "be certain about it". I know even at the moment that I push the "bet" button that someone will get his straight or flush or whatever he needs to win. So, why bother. I'm playing even as I write these lines, to be honest.

I realized that I play even as much as four tables at a time, while at the same time playing video games or solitaire. I don't give a duck about them poker tables!!! It's like a lotto ticket I bought some time ago and kept it in my wallet, knowing that it most likely won't win but have to check it out even so.

Well, that's no poker. No fun in it. If you don't care about the game, the strategy, the opponents' style and tricks, why play poker? If you like just to gamble, play lotto instead and be done with it, right? A great help in realising it was effsea's last blog post.

I have to take a break it seems and think some things over. I either like the game and should concentrate when playing in order to have fun or thrills or even the occasional rage outburst against the dealer, or I give poker up and find another pass-time. I'll be back soon (with another cartoon or a "farewell to cards" novel).

Enjoy the game and tilt the tables to your lap!!!