Hello to all fellow PSO bloggers.





 Not a prank:

Congratulations! You've earned a PokerSchool Open Skill League award!

Congratulations PsychoVas,

You have won $0.50 in the 2013-03 PokerSchool Open Skill League.

So wrapping up March, my total results in cash are:

$ 0,74 made in various freerolls

$ 0,50 awarded by PSO OSL.

The field that was my forte though, was tickets. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, my SCOOP ticket total earned in WBSCOOP (thanks again PSO for making a blogger outta this ol' duck) was an impressive $ 77 worth. (Two 5,5, one 11 and one big 55 ticket).

Were these cash awards, I could say that I have a starting bank roll. Alas, the two events that had some cash prizes, namely Big Bang and Final Event had no wins for me.

On the other hand, keeping in mind that I started from scratch, only way was up. So I'm content with those results and the improvement in my attitude. The proof of this change in attitude is that I really don't have hands to post in the forum section. Being honest with myself, I posted those hands mainly for having someone, preferably a good player/hand analyzer, give me a pat on the back and state that it was bad luck and not stupidity that resulted to the beat.  Most of the time now I shrug off the bad beats and forget all about them, as long as I think that my move was correct. I even embraced abstinence for a week, as I saw that I didn't do much else than playing poker for the first 3 weeks of March. Worked cool, no GA for your old pal Vas yet.

So, the second month of the Time Vault challenge was a success. Not huge as it was for some friends (CONGRATS mr mendez, EvokeNZ and   katerina289 to name a few), but it was +EV in both gaming attitude and some petite earnings. (In relation to my total, $1,24 was a 33% raise).

I think that I'm still on track, but regret the fact that I have to wait for a couple of months in order to be able to install poker software, so that I can post those pretty graphs and charts.

That's all folks,

cya at the tables