Hi there to all that bother to read.


As I am writing these lines, I have finished swimming with the sharks and although I didn't get eaten alive I didn't get any fish either. Event number 30 and yours truly started rather well, playing tight as a clam. Although you'll probably not believe me, I folded twice pocket Kings pre-flop to an obvious Ax shove. After quite some time, I'm sitting at the button, holding A9 spades. A minimum raise from UTG+1 gets 2 callers, I call, the blinds fold and get to the flop 4-handed. Flop 9h Td 9c. Wow!!! Triple nines, Ace kicker.  UTG+1 bets 3BB, the next player folds, the other doubles, I guess he's got the last Nine, weaker kicker or a Ten and tries to scare us off. Good spot,  I go all-in and the UTG+1 folds, he calls and reveals Kh Tc.

"Oh, yes, that's a good pot", that's what I'm thinking. As for the odds, 9 to 1 in my favour. Look:

Cool, ain't it? Now watch what happened:

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