Hello people.


Yesterday was the Big Day for this ol' duck as you might have read at a previous post. WBCOOP and Big Bang, oh, my.

I started my poker day at 17:00 local time wlth Event 25: NLHE (Big Stack). I had high hopes for this one as big stack allows for one or two losses and the structure was not a crazy turbo. This kind of games suits me usually as I'm a bit scared of all the shoves that come with the turbos and I end up blinded and anted out. Very proud to say that I started right next to our very own Paul "royalraise85".

He got unlucky at one point and busted out early on a cooler. I kept playing a not bad game for almost three hours. Then Big Bang was near and something came over me. Fear, uneasyness, expectation, thrill, a rather strange mix. At this point I felt like being fancy. The "Go Big or Go Bust" kind of fancy. Dumm Duck. I raised, got re-raised and shoved a not so tiny stack. Oops. Watch:

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner