Hello people.

A quick "heads-up" (the tasteless joke's on me) on my WBCOOP adventure until now.

7 events, 4 tickets, one is a big one, 2 are the smallest, one medium. A whole lot better than this old duck hoped.

Turns out that I chose my games poorly though. All the lost chances were games I know close to nothing about.

PLO, FLHE etc.  I passed the HU as I know I suck at short handed tables, but decided to play the shoot-out. Oh, man!!! We started 3-handed. I was furious. Never occured to me that 10-max meant 3 hand starts, although had I thought about it, it was the obvious way for getting 100 players for the second stage, 10 for the final table. At this set up one bad hand is all you need to bust. The third player got exactly that and doubled the other villain up. HeadsUp for your old pal Psycho. Bad news for your old pal Psycho. On top of that the villain used his huge stack to bully me all the time.

I had a break - at least I thought I did - at the following hand. I knew from his betting structure that he had a lower hand than my QJs, foolishly enough I didn't shove the turn - some fold equity there- and watch what happened:


So, bye bye shoot out, this is a shot  duck.

No complaints though, even without any other good finishes I am happy with what I managed this far.

Three more events plus the final on Monday, plus the Big Bang (hopefully not on my face as in the picture), a handful. Wish me luck, cross your fingers and let's hope for the best.

Good luck to all PSOers that are still playing and congrats to Sandtrap for his leaderboard achievement.